Keylogger is an app to control users within one network.

Keylogger – wise solution for inner security

Running any company, employers are afraid of turncoats. People, who sneak around digging in most important internal information with an only aim of selling or transmitting it to their peers.


The worse is only those who spend half of the day surfing the net instead of acting in their professional capacity. The way out is getting rid of such employees. But, first, you need proofs.

Without a doubt, you can send another worker for keeping an eye on a suspect. Although that will make them aware, they are in trouble. And their behavior will change immediately.

Invisible control

Every boss has thought on certain methods of controlling their workers while staying invisible. Checking their computers is a wise idea. Especially if there is a solution for doing it remotely.
Keyloggers win a lot of attention over the past few years. These are smart apps that record every key press, keeping users unaware of what is going on. Millions of parents all over the world adopted these programs too.

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Smart software to take kids’ internet usage.

Easy trick to prevent kids from uncontrolled Internet usage

We all catch our kids browsing through certain websites we told them not to. Some parents solve this problem on the most radical methods, switching off the net or unplugging all computers at home.

However, that works against them – kids run away to their friends and stay there a long as they can to get access to some sources they need. And let us be honest – it is not the right way to treat a child.

Keylogger Parental Control

Overprotecting can do a lot of harm to anyone, especially if it goes about teens. They can be rather sharp accepting any restriction as a personal assault. Thus, parents should act smarter and invent new ways of controlling kids and stay unnoticed.

To have cake and eat it, too, try an approach that lets your offspring think you fully trust them and help you check what they do on the web at any time of day or night. This might sound impossible. However, one kind of computer programs fulfills these two demands.

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How to be sure your employees use work computers for business purposes only

Can you trust your employees? This easy question catches most of the department heads off their guard. Even having dozens of cams in their offices, they can hardly control those people they have hired. Too many workers use their computers for checking in their social network accounts, or, what is worse – leak information to the

It does not matter how smart or attentive you might be – it is not possible to keep an eye on everyone. Or, rather, most of the people do not know how to do it right.

One smart app solves all these problems at a time. Have you ever heard of Keylogger? Its main function is clear from the name, but more features make it irreplaceable for any organization that cares about safety.

Browser history

It records every user’s movement irrespective of whether they clear their browser history or not. Keylogger shows off every visit, the time and web addresses that were visit during each session.

An option of blocking certain sites, like popular social networks, is also available. You can easily check every incoming or sent a message, even if they were deleted.


All screens are also recorded. You can adjust it for sending you screenshots of the run screen. Most of the companies, which use such software, make it capture users’ desktops every hour.

If it seems too often – three times a day is an ideal option for you. This is how a boss can check any worker without bringing it to their knowledge. You do not have to dig into tons of letters and messages – look through the images and everything becomes obvious.

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