Smart software to take kids’ internet usage.

Easy trick to prevent kids from uncontrolled Internet usage

We all catch our kids browsing through certain websites we told them not to. Some parents solve this problem on the most radical methods, switching off the net or unplugging all computers at home.

However, that works against them – kids run away to their friends and stay there a long as they can to get access to some sources they need. And let us be honest – it is not the right way to treat a child.

Keylogger Parental Control

Overprotecting can do a lot of harm to anyone, especially if it goes about teens. They can be rather sharp accepting any restriction as a personal assault. Thus, parents should act smarter and invent new ways of controlling kids and stay unnoticed.

To have cake and eat it, too, try an approach that lets your offspring think you fully trust them and help you check what they do on the web at any time of day or night. This might sound impossible. However, one kind of computer programs fulfills these two demands.

Have you ever heard of Keyloggers?

These apps are multifunctional. They give complete access to any PC within your network, recording logs, and other data. Users have no clue someone is watching them.

Parents can freely block websites, take screen shots and set the time they want their kids to be online. Do children have complaints? You can always blame system glitches and provider’s problems in it.

What are their main functions?

The first and most important option of every Keylogger is recording, encrypting and saving all logs. The program creates a special folder on your PC for saving data from children’s gadgets.

Every web address is saved. If users open up any messenger – their chat is available for you as well. Emails are recorded together with addresses they were sent on.

Do not want your child to visit certain websites? This app itself checks all resources for adults via search systems, updating database occasionally. However, you can add a few to your taste, preventing kids from visiting them. Attempts at entering any URL from the list are logged too.

Want to see a picture of their desktop? Such software can be adjusted for making screen shots at certain intervals so that you can check what was on their home screen.

It is easy to check if your little one has written an essay or downloaded it from the Internet. Follow all web addresses and see what it was opened for. Such apps are too hard to notice. Your victims will never find out you spy on them.

How does it work?

Installing such app takes seconds. The interface is mostly handy, and anyone can cope with the main setting within five minutes. The algorithm is easy: the app gets in between any two links in the chain of events between when a key is pressed and when information about that keystroke is displayed on the monitor. The result may be achieved via masking in user or kernel mood. Thus, users notice no weird activities on their computers.

It is up to you to decide if you want to use such methods getting along with your children or not. But let us be honest – no other method can give you an accomplished image of your son’s or daughter’s private life. And there is no way they find out.

To protect little ones from real danger parents should aware of what and when their kids plan to do, what are those problems and troubles they may share only to their closest friends. Unveil their biggest secrets easily with the most innovative technologies and your life will change for the better.

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